Nestor Lasso - Anaerobic, Washed Thermal Shock Geisha SCA:88
Nestor Lasso - Anaerobic, Washed Thermal Shock Geisha SCA:88
Nestor Lasso - Anaerobic, Washed Thermal Shock Geisha SCA:88

Nestor Lasso - Anaerobic, Washed Thermal Shock Geisha SCA:88

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Origin: Colombia 

Farm: El Diviso

Varietal: Geisha

Altitude: 1850 MASL 

Process: Anaerobic, Washed Thermal Shock

Cup Score: 88

Peach, Lemon Creme & Shortbread

We’re delighted to be able to showcase our first lot from Nestor Lasso, one of the most exciting young producers in the world - this wonderful Geisha lot from his latest harvest is super clean and floral with light citrus and biscuit notes adding depth.

In recent years, compounded with research from the likes of Jhoan Vergara, Diego Bermudez & Wilton Benitez, Nestor has become the pioneering figure of experimental coffee with unique profiles through fantastic controlled multi-stage fermentations and processing methods. 

We were lucky enough to meet and speak with Nestor in person earlier this year - his passion and drive for progressively amazing coffee is clear - this is the first of many fantastic lots from Nestor we have coming. 


This coffee comes from 24 year old producer Nestor Lasso and the El Diviso farm. The farm covers an 18 hectare area comprising 15x of coffee and 2x of forest area. The farm carries great diversity of varietals, currently home to Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Bourbon Ají, Caturra Chiroso, Geisha, Sidra, Java, Pacamara. Nestor is using fully washed, semi washed and natural methods and uses parabolic dryers as well as raised African beds and some mechanical drying. 

80,000 coffee trees grow here at a range of 1700-1850 metres. 



 “We are the third generation that has been growing coffee. Our grandfather, José Uribe, was the founder of the farm El Diviso. With the work of all the family and constant savings we were able to build the infrastructure to process differentiated coffees; searching for better quality, both in coffee and our lives. After a long trial and error period we managed to standardise different processes, getting a better income in order to plant new varieties that allowed us to have better quality. One of our dreams is to produce specialty coffee that reaches all the world.”

For this washed process coffee, first the floating process is done in order to select the best cherries only (fully ripe). Anaerobic fermentation occurs in bags for 32 hours at an average temperature of 17° Celsius. The cherries are then moved to a tank for an oxidation process of 12 hours. The coffee is pulped and then oxidation of the mucilage and coffee beans occurs for 40 hours. The coffee then gets submerged fermentation at 40° Celsius for 80 hours, occasionally stirring the coffee. The coffee is then washed in order to rid the mucilage. Thermal shock takes place as the coffee is washed with water at 65-70° Celsius to finish the fermentation. Drying: the coffee is moved to parabolic drying systems that reach a maximum temperature of 30° Celsius. This takes between 18-24 days until it reaches 11% moisture.

This coffee is roasted for filter but would also lend itself to a loose 1:3 ratio espresso.

Just 100x bags available.