Brew Guides


30g Coffee

510g Water

Medium / Coarse Grind

Size 2 Hario Paper Filter

1:17 Ratio


Place paper filter in the V60, rinse the filter with hot water, drain.


(This will wash away any papery taste from the filter + pre-heat the pot below).


Add 30g coffee.

Start timer.


1 Pour 60g of water, evenly saturating the coffee, wait 30 seconds

Swirl the brewer if any dark spots remain


2 Slowly in a circular motion, break the crust by pouring 90g of water, bringing the total weight to 150g


3 Keeping the level in the cone high, slowly pour at the same rate as the coffee is exiting


4 Continue and bring the total weight to 510g, aiming to be around 2:30

Lightly stir 3 times


5 Once the cone has drained, a flat coffee bed should be revealed, this indicates an even extraction.


6 Leave to stand for 1 minute, swirl and serve ideally at 60c


Total brew time: 3 - 4 minutes


The V60 is a Japanese drip brewer designed in 2004.

It produces a beautifully light coffee with pronounced sweetness, clarity and acidity.

Named after the 60 degree V shaped angle of the brewer.


30g Coffee

210g Water

Coarse Grind

AeroPress Paper Filter

1:7 Ratio


Rinse the paper filter with hot water.

(This will remove any papery taste + help the filter become more porous).


Setup your AeroPress in the inverted position.

This is a fast recipe.. be ready to move quickly!

Add 30g of coffee.

Start timer.


1 Pour 100g of water, into the brew chamber


2 Stir carefully but thoroughly for 10 seconds


3 Screw on the cap, push out the excess air until coffee starts to seep to the surface


4 At 0:40 flip the AeroPress over a cup or decanter and press gently for 10 - 15 seconds


5 Once pressed, dilute with 120g of additional water


6 Leave to stand for 30 seconds, swirl and serve ideally at 70c


Total brew time: 1 - 1:30 minutes


The AeroPress is a fantastically robust, affordable and versatile brewer able to produce an espresso style coffee concentrate.


Invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, a Stanford University engineer.


For us, the AeroPress is a necessity for everyone.