Our Story

We source, roast and brew some the most interesting, rare and experimental micro-lots. 

Our shop gives us the ability to brew these wonderful coffees from award winning producers like Diego Bermudez & Nestor Lasso, to up & coming producers like Alfredo Castaño in a casual and accessible take-away focused environment.

We also have the pleasure of showcasing a different bakery on our counter everyday. We have some amazing bakes, pastries and sourdough from, Yellowhammer, Pollen, Longbois, Half Dozen Other, La Chouquette & Patels Pies.

This, alongside our revolving coffee menu really symbolises our tagline ALWAYS SOMETHING BREWING.

Our aim and focus is to facilitate the market of producer led value adding post harvest techniques such as, Anaerobic & controlled fermentations, Thermal Shock, Fruit Infusions and experiments with yeast. 

In an ever changing world of climate issues and economic implications and even leaf rust (coffee disease), we believe to invest and support farmers in this quest to be able to add further quality to their coffees, without relying on cultivation primarily - gives them a better chance to not only survive in the short term but improve their quality long term. 

This is one of the rare situations where everyone can benefit, they get paid more for their coffee, we have something interesting and new to roast and showcase and the consumer can enjoy something delicious - win win.

Producer representation is key to what we do, we work with producers year on year and build long term relationships; telling their story, understanding them and their coffee is really important that's why we proudly make their name biggest on our coffee bags - we are just a part of coffee's bigger picture. 

Producer representation is generally still an issue in consuming countries in our eyes. 

After opening the roastery for online orders & wholesale few years ago, demand grew and we opened our first shop in Aug 2022. 

Since then we've been stocked and served in some of Manchesters best coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants, such as Pollen, Siopshop, Grapefruit, Something More Productive, Colleen's Ramsbottom and The Pearl to name a few. 

Our roastery and shop is run by myself (Kobe), partner (Emelia) and childhood best friend (Nye) together we aim and strive for high quality coffee sourcing, roasting and brewing and our shop is a friendly and approachable place to enjoy these pleasures of life.

Our shop is open;

8-4pm Tue - Sat

9:30-2pm Sun