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Rare Varietals & Experimental Processing

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Roasted in Heaton Moor

Pronounced Sweetness, Acidity and Body

Fresh Roasted to Order

Unique & Rare Coffee

Free Local Drop Off (South Manchester)


Products Of Passion, Not Just Profit

*New* Colombia - El Rubi (PINK BOURBON) SPECIAL EDITION SCA: 87+

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The Importance of Speciality Coffee

The bean density is ultimately the quality of coffee. To build strength and resistance plants need hot daytimes and cool nighttime’s, which is only achieved at high altitudes, that are not over exposed to harsh elements. 

Trees can take years to initially produce fruits and months to develop between crops. One day of unpredictable weather, which is common in these countries, can destroy a crop completely. 

Please appreciate the work of the farmers, exporters, importers, roasters and the baristas, as without one of them there would be no coffee here. 

Coffee is a beautiful naturally grown product cared for by real people across the globe. 

In a world of artificial mass produced products support something genuine.