Our Pledge

Hello, my name is Kobe. I’m the founder of Kobean Coffee Roasters, a small batch speciality coffee roasters sourcing some of the worlds most exclusive coffee. After travelling through Europe drinking, chatting and absorbing the different cultures of coffee, I started Kobean to celebrate the unique and diverse offerings of speciality coffee, explore experimental processing techniques and showcase interesting and rare varietals.


Our pledge is to combat the refined sugar, artificial flavour and dairy heavy reliance created by the national high street coffee houses. For us, coffee is a naturally sweet and delicious product which doesn’t need to be dark roasted to hide imperfections, or economically blended for consistency of taste profile.


Our ethos promotes sustainable, biodiverse and organic farming techniques. Which not only protect and enhance the environment, but produce a clean, true product of the earth with traceability at its core.


We support fairly traded farms wherever possible and work closely with importers who pay over the fair trade price to support the production chain as a whole. Yet even with the fair trade certificate we’ve learnt that exploitation still exists at the bottom of the pyramid. Compounded with the threat of climate change, for us, the profit oriented practices of the past simply won’t do.


Innovation, transparency and education is at the heart of everything we do. We don’t have all the answers but together we’ll spread love, support and ideas. Join us.


There’s always something brewing at Kobean x