Don Gallego (72HR Anaerobic Washed, Yellow Colombia) ESPRESSO SCA:85.5

Don Gallego (72HR Anaerobic Washed, Yellow Colombia) ESPRESSO SCA:85.5

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Origin : Colombia 
Farm : Buena Vista
Varietal : Yellow Colombia 
Altitude : 1950 MASL
Certification : Micro-Lot
Process : 72HR Anaerobic Washed
Cup Score: 85.5

Vanilla, Fudge & Milk Chocolate


This fantastic Anaerobic Yellow Colombia ‘Supremo’ lot illustrates the quality that can be added through fermentation. A beautifully clean coffee with really interesting sweet notes.


Step 1 - Ripe cherries are collected, floated according to density, then manually sorted.

Step 2 - A 72hr anaerobic fermentation takes place in cascara.

Step 3 - Then recirculation of lixiviate (the process of separating a liquid from a solid) which involves bathing the cherries from above and thus reinstating the microorganisms.

Step 4 - Next the cherries are removed to baskets for pulping.

Step 5 - Cherries are semi-washed to leave between 8 & 12% of the mucilage.

Step 6 - Cherries with a small amount of mucilage left are dried in a dehumidifier, in order to ensure uniform conditions, for 5 days. The cherries finally finish drying in the sun, for approximately 5 more days, weather dependent.


Mario Gallego and his family have made the subject of coffee a unique experience. While looking for improvements in production conditions, Mr. Galician created a company called Galician agroindustries, specialising in high-quality coffee products, equipment and machinery, with 30 years of experience. 

Their objective is to advance and redesign technology in the field of high-quality coffee. 

This is how the Bella Vista farm also became an experimental laboratory, allowing progress to be made in processing technology, from pulping, washing, drying, threshing, roasting and grinding, equipment with the best materials, even manufactured to protect the environment. 

There are several projects that the Gallegos want to undertake in their municipality, involving not only producers, but children and young people so that they become infected with this love for coffee, and see this industry as a fulfilling business. 
Love, dedication, care and satisfaction is what it feels like to have a cup of coffee from Don Gallego.


Belen de Umbria, known as the quiet and noble coffee city, is the main producer of coffee in Risaralda and the 10th nationally. Strategically located between mountains along the western mountain range, with a variety of temperatures that make it an ideal place for agriculture. In the midst of these coffee landscapes, there is a farm that generation after generation has maintained the coffee tradition with great respect and love. 

Although they have taken pains to introduce new equipment and techniques to their processes, the centre of everything is still the coffee.

Bella Vista is a coffee farm that has witnessed inexhaustible perseverance and constant evolution. Located 7km from the main park of Belen de Umbria, with a favourable climate being at 1810 metres above sea level, it is surrounded by beautiful coffee plantations, protected by native trees such as walnut, guayacan, cedar, guadua and watered ng water birth, these natural conditions make it a true paradise.