Malawi - Pamwamba Estate AA SCA: 83
Malawi - Pamwamba Estate AA SCA: 83

Malawi - Pamwamba Estate AA SCA: 83

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This coffee is grown in a small holding farm near the town of Namadzi, in the southern highlands of Malawi, the region is most famous for producing some of the world best known tea.

An estate close to Namadzi supply high-end green, black and oolong tea’s to brands such as Teltey’s and Lipton. 

The Malawi soil and growing conditions have also been praised for contributing to the antioxidant properties of the famous Malawian white tea. 

This coffee is grown 1200 meters above sea level, hand picked, washed, milled then sun-dried in Rain Forest Alliance protected land.

A grading system, which looks at things like the number of defects and bean density, is used to judge, ultimately, the quality and price of the crop. They range from C to the top quality of AA which this coffee was awarded. 


  • Green apple freshness with sweet brown sugar notes. Silky smooth, bright and clean with a toffee fudge finish. 


SCA: 83.00