Kenya - Mwiboini Estate AB SCA: 86

Kenya - Mwiboini Estate AB SCA: 86

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Origin: Kenya

Estate: Mwiboini Estate

Region: Kirinyaga

Altitude: 1760m

Varietal: SL & Ruiru 11

Grade: AB

Harvest Method: Hand harvested

Certification: Direct Trade

Processing: Wet Mill

Soil: Volcanic Loam


This beautifully juicy coffee comes from a small scale farm in Kirinyaga, a region near to Mt. Kenya, 1760 MASL and only 69 miles from the equator.

All the coffee on the farm is hand picked which prevents picking the over & under ripe fruit, although this incurs significantly more expensive labour costs, it’s the best overall way of achieving a high SCA score and supporting the local community.

With high quality produce in mind, the farm owner Mr Gichangi, also employs Agronomist scientists to have specialised management of the crop production, soil control and disease prevention of every harvest.

Along with other investments the farm also boasts a pulping station and drying patios of its own! From the cultivation, growth management, picking, sorting, pulping and finally drying, Mr Gichangi has total control of his coffee.

He also exports his coffee directly, to do all of this is rare.

This coffee has a punchy tang of acidity, a hollow round body and a sweet creamy finish.

It’s bursting with notes of Granny Smith apple, plum, cashew and honey.