Ethiopia - Limu (Heirloom) SCA: 80
Ethiopia - Limu (Heirloom) SCA: 80

Ethiopia - Limu (Heirloom) SCA: 80

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Heirloom Varietal - originally an Ethiopian term to describe a 50 year old or pre 1945 plant, used for a food or drink product.


This is a single origin coffee, which means a collective from a small region in the South of Ethiopia. Grown on hillsides, believed to be the indigenous home of coffee it’s self, ranging from 1800~2800 meters above sea level.


This is a great entry level speciality coffee, from a region where coffee still grows wild, which oozes the classic characteristics of an Ethiopian coffee.


  • Delicate floral highlights with a bright citrus body, balanced with a nutty spicy chocolate finish.