Colombia - Diego Bermudez (48HR Aerobic Natural Castillo) SCA:87
Colombia - Diego Bermudez (48HR Aerobic Natural Castillo) SCA:87
Colombia - Diego Bermudez (48HR Aerobic Natural Castillo) SCA:87
Colombia - Diego Bermudez (48HR Aerobic Natural Castillo) SCA:87

Colombia - Diego Bermudez (48HR Aerobic Natural Castillo) SCA:87

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Origin: Colombia 

Farm: El Paraíso

Varietal: Castillo

Altitude: 1700 MASL

Certification: Micro-Lot

Process: Natural

Cup Score: 87

Cherry Tart, Marzipan, Plum & Rich Chocolate

The man who needs no introduction. The multi award winning, Diego Bermudez.

Diego is world leading in his coffee processing, through his progressive and experimental post harvest fermentation. 

This hugely labour intensive 48HR Aerobic Natural lot was further dried over 120HRS to achieve a complex and vibrant taste profile by one of our favourite producers.


Diego was born in Bolivar, Cauca, and has dedicated the last 13 years of his life to growing coffee.

Best known for his outstanding Thermal Shock lots, Diego has become something of a Colombian coffee superstar with his novel and scientific approach to all aspects of processing including rinsing off the ambient microbes with ozonated water, mini bioreactors for innoculating with his own bacterial cultures and a programmable humidifier for designing drying profiles for individual coffees.

As one of the world's most innovative producers, Diego is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with the coffee that he grows. 

He built a laboratory at the farm, in the first instance to learn about cupping and roasting, facilitating real-time feedback on the success of his experiments, and has since gone on to develop fermentation practices that have seen the farm go from strength to strength, producing some of the world's most exceptional and distinctive coffees, and winning multiple awards.


He runs his farm, El Paraíso, with his wife, two brothers and two daughters, and all have a seemingly unquenchable thirst for learning and improving through experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. 

The farm sits 1700 MASL and covers about 10 hectares. Diego cultivates several varietals that include Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, and Geisha. With the help of his family, they focus on very careful tree care and maintenance, allowing them to produce a variety of lots using varietal separation and a multitude of post-harvest processing methods.


This Castillo lot, named after researcher Jamie Castillo, was released for production in 2005 and is the result of the successful hybridisation of Caturra with the Timor Hybrid. 

This special lot underwent the following process;

1. Picking of ripe cherries (97%) and semi ripe coffee cherries (3%).

2. Cherries are washed with sterilised water to decrease microbial load.

3. Fermentation of cherry in an aerobic environment for 48 hours in tanks with a pressure relief valve at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

4. Controlled drying for 120 hours, with air recirculation at a temperature of 38 degrees and a relative humidity of 25%, until reaching a grain humidity between 10% and 11%.

5. Packing in grain pro and stabilization for a minimum of 15 days.

6. Dry mill, manual and electronic selection to reach the required physical quality standard.

What we love particularly about Diego’s lots aren’t just the crazy taste profiles and high quality cultivation standards - but his approach and philosophy by taking a high yielding, relatively disease proof varietal such as a Castillo and adding complexity and thus quality through repeatable post harvest fermentation. 

We believe this is crucial for the long term survival of small producers. 

By sharing information and educating producers in the techniques to add value and quality to their lots, this gives them much more control to not just solely rely on the, as of recent, very unpredictable cultivation conditions to set the price of their coffee. 

Diego has been a major inspiration for this philosophy and we love to support it! 

Limited amount available.