Planadas Co-op (Organic Washed) SCA:86
Planadas Co-op (Organic Washed) SCA:86
Planadas Co-op (Organic Washed) SCA:86
Planadas Co-op (Organic Washed) SCA:86

Planadas Co-op (Organic Washed) SCA:86

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Origin: Colombia 

Farm: Planadas Co-op

Varietal: Typica, Castillo, Caturra

Altitude: 2000 MASL

Certification: Organic

Process: Washed 

Cup Score: 86

Chocolate & Orange - JAFFA VIBES!

Our first out and out espresso lot. 

After cupping 30+ lots looking for our house espresso, we decided on this fantastic lot from a municipality in Tolima, a small region of west Colombia. 

This certified organic lot consists of Typica, Castillo and Caturra which are each grown by a small group of villages in the municipality of Planadas, at the foot of the snow-peaked Nevado del Huila, the highest volcano in Colombia.

The Hulia region is highly rated for being one of the best places on earth to cultivate coffee. 

This is partly due to the nutritionally rich volcanic soil and access to a good water supply making high quality washed processing possible, but fundamentally its position in terms of proximity to both the equator and its very high altitude of 1800+ MASL, which through cold nights and hot daytime, delay the growth cycle. This allows the coffee cherries to go through a longer maturation process, thus creating a fuller, sweeter, and more complex taste profile.

Along with certified organic cultivation, the farmers and producers of the Planadas co-operative are committed to biodiversity. Most of the population are ex-combatants from armed groups, and what is remarkable about its populations is that after the peace agreement was signed they started to work with coffee with some associations. 

Both ASOPEP and ASCISP are a great example of such associations. ASOPEP works with 167 farmers and ASCISP is formed by 66 coffee families.

We are honored to work with these associations since they have different projects that focus on the improvement of the coffee community and biodiversity.

Think of this as your daily driver, a high quality, sweet, clean and great all round coffee. With milk or black.