Colombia - Johan Vergara Lactic Washed Sidra
Johan Vergara
Johan Vergara
Lactic Washed Processing

Colombia - Johan Vergara (Lactic Washed Sidra) SCA: 89+

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Origin: Colombia

Farm: Finca Las Flores

Varietal: Sidra

Altitude: 1800 MASL

Certification: Micro-Lot

Process: Lactic Washed

Cup Score: 89+

Ginger, Sugarcane & Coriander

This is the highest scoring lot we’ve ever showcased.

Sidra is a rare Bourbon varietal mutation which was tipped to be “The New Geisha” earlier this month by The Barn of Berlin.


This amazing lot comes from the renowned producer, Johan Vergara.

His 180 acre farm, Finca Las Flores, is located in the small village of San Isidor, which he runs with the help of his family.

San Isidor’s microclimate (1800 MASL) has a high range of temperatures - cold at night and hot in the daytime, this stresses the plants which making them stronger over time and creates increased mucilage which in turn can leads to more glucose in the fruit.

This is a major catalyst for the success of Johans extended and experimental fermentation’s of recent years.

San Isidor is in the Hulia region of West Colombia, bang in the middle of the volcanic ash soil area - which is believed to be one of the most fertile regions in all of South America.

Johans family started farming coffee in 1990, initially planting 18,000 trees - this has now grown to over 90,000!

Since being featured in the 2006 Cup Of Excellence, Johan has transformed the quality of coffee from the Finca Las Flores farm by planting exotic varietals including Pink Bourbon, Tabi, Sidra and Wush-Wush.

These varietals are very difficult to produce consistently, as each require different conditions and care to flourish, are generally are more susceptible to disease and produce much lower yields than average.

This development, compounded with investments in processing and exploration of controlled fermentation’s, have really made this lot particularly special.


This lot is the highest scoring lot we’ve ever showcased, an 89+.

The Sidra varietal is a genetic mutation of Red Bourbon & Typica, two of the most emblematic varietals and has been tipped to be “the new Geisha’ due to its complexity. Sidra has exploded in popularity recently due to its exceptional cup quality and features in various coffee competitions.

It has qualities of both, the sweetness and body of Red Bourbon and the beautiful brightness, acidity and silky mouthfeel of Typica.

The Sidra varietal was developed in a large, Nestlé funded research farm in Pichincha, Ecuador in the 1930’s. It got its name from the tree it was propagated under. The World Coffee Research genetic testing categorizes it as an “Ethiopian Landrace” which gives a high potential for cultivation elsewhere.


After selective hand-picking of only the ripest fruit, the Vergara family expose the cherries to a dry anaerobic fermentation for the first 48 hours before being pulped and placed in grainpro bags for stabilisation at a monitored 20 degrees.

The temperature, humidity and PH are carefully monitored during this time.

Once in this environment, bacteria feed from the carbohydrates and sugars left in the mucilage. This process leads to a high concentration of lactic acids which transforms the complexity of this lot into something truly special.

Finally the coffee is pulped once again, washed and left to dry on African raised beads for several days below 35 degrees to achieve the desired moisture content.

This lot represents everything we stand for at Kobean, a unique and rare varietal with an experimental and progressive processing technique which celebrates both terroir and producer.

“Personally in the top 5 coffees we’ve ever tasted”

Just 80x bags available