Brazil - Alto Alegre Estate SCA: 85+
Brazil - Alto Alegre Estate SCA: 85+

Brazil - Alto Alegre Estate SCA: 85+

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This coffee is grown 1340 meters above sea level in the south of Mimas Gerais, making it among the highest grown coffee in all of Brazil. 


Alto Alegre coffee is a family run business who have been cultivating coffee since 1850, cultivating only a single varietal from the estate. 


The varietal grown is called Mundo Novo, which is an incredibly delicate plant to grow. As it is susceptible to coffee berry disease and the most common defect, coffee leaf rust, resulting in the plants needing constant nutrition.


However, if grown and cultivated correctly it can have a high yield and an extremely high SCA rating.


The total area in which this coffee is grown is 500 hectares which is roughly 1235 acres. 


173 acres are occupied by a beautiful flourishing natural forest which is now permanently protected, similar to a National Trust area.


  • Soft peach acidity with a sticky sweet apricot body, finishing with strong dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut notes.