Honduras - Francis Arturo Romero *SPECIAL EDITION* SCA: 86+

Honduras - Francis Arturo Romero *SPECIAL EDITION* SCA: 86+

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Origin: Honduras

Farm: Francis Arturo Romero

Varietal: Red Catuai, Lempire

Altitude: 1200 MASL

Certification: Organic, Micro-Lot

Process: 90 hour Macerated Natural

Cup Score: 86.50

This may be the most incredible coffee we’ve had.

This coffee is macerated for 90 hours, a traditional wine making technique of fermentation which gives a wild funky taste profile.

We believe this is the start of a new direction for speciality coffee and will be the foundation for development of consistency and cup quality in an ever changing world.

This coffee comes from Francis Romero, a renowned coffee producer from the North West of Honduras. A beautiful region boasting many National Parks and mountain ranges with ideal coffee growing conditions.

His farm is called San Isidor 3, which sits 1200 M.A.S.L.

The producers receive 70% of the FOB price which is unheard of in the industry.

Francis has recently shifted focus to meticulous cherry selection with emphasis on sugar content in order to pick cherry’s at the peak of their ripeness.

Last year, Francis produced a highly rated 72 hour macerated fermented natural coffee which was greatly received and opened the conversation for extended fermentation.

The top selection of this years harvest is even more experimental, with a 90 hour maceration providing a crazy intense taste profile of black cherry, orange and cinnamon fudge best describing it.


After selective handpicking the ripest cherries are washed and floated to remove any imperfections.

Whole cherries are then placed into barrels, sealed and completely pumped free of oxygen.

The cherries are then left with conditions being constantly monitored and kept at a strict 22-25 degrees for 90 hours.

After fermentation is complete the cherries are then dried and turned hourly on raised bed for 20-30 days, before being de-pulped.

This is traditionally a wine making technique with whole grapes (skin on,) being fermented for long periods in oxygen free environments.

So much work, time, knowledge and patience was put in to producing this coffee.

Certified organic farming, productive experimental processing and an ethical wage model that enables the farmers to earn a living income.

This coffee is something new and exciting.

SCA: 86.50