Costa Rica - Santa Anita Estate *CARBON NEUTRAL* RFA

Costa Rica - Santa Anita Estate *CARBON NEUTRAL* RFA

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The Santa Anita Estate is a 5 generation family run farm.

Juan Manuel Sanchez Benavidez is a renowned producer known for his consistent and high quality coffee.

Fully shade grown in unison with the natural eco system, in the protection of the rain forest, in one of the most picturesque farms in Costa Rica.

This coffee is not only a stunning natural product of the environment, but has a  complex tasting profile.

By 2050 climate change is predicted to reduce sustainable coffee growing by 50%.

With this in mind, and emphasis on biodiversity, this farm has paved the way with adaptation of their farming techniques and investments in advanced technologies. This is the first coffee farm in the world to be certified as carbon neutral.

Starting, a heavy body with rich notes from tropical fruits like papaya and mango, to sweet overtones of vanilla and caramel. It’s really well balanced and subtle, far from the usual chocolate / nutty profile of South American coffees.